For me, photography is a space of contemplation, tranquility, and harmony. With my camera in hand, I can be one with nature and escape my daily life, giving me a place where I simply can just be – be in the present moment. Photography and nature alike have always followed me throughout my life, so connecting the two makes me feel whole.
I am no planner; instead, I let every moment inspire me. I let the unconsciousness flow, and by doing so, I can create images that are more attuned to my inner landscape rather than documenting the external landscape in front of me.
Mostly, I work in nature surrounding my home and cottage. I wander many of the same places, but they are never the same. The light, the mood, the atmosphere, and of course, the seasons differ. However, most importantly “I” differ. The familiarity of these places helps me achieve peace and to reconnect with my inner landscape. This way, I avoid being distracted by new and pompous outer landscapes and can instead look inward.
It is especially the mystique of nature that makes it possible for me to see beyond the tangible and to unite my emotional inner with the beauty of nature itself.
Undeniably, nature has been, and always will be, an essential aspect of my life. This makes me feel humbled and grateful; therefore, I strive to show it throughout my images. In difficult moments, the appreciation for the beauty around me gives me the strength and resilience to stand up straight and reimagine my vision with light.
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